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Review of Veterinary Nursing Professional Syllabus

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Certificates in Veterinary Nursing Theory Levels 2 and 3

Stage 3 Consultation - Final Draft Syllabus


The RCVS Awarding Body commenced a review of the Veterinary Nursing Professional Syllabus in September 2005. This review is intended to update the syllabus, which underpins the VRQ Certificates in Veterinary Nursing Theory at levels 2 and 3, and to ensure that it adequately supports the Veterinary Nursing Occupational Standards and the current practise of veterinary nursing in general veterinary practices.

The core Syllabus Working Group comprises representatives from small animal and equine general practice and from veterinary nursing course providers involved in the delivery of equine and small animal courses at both VRQ and undergraduate levels. The Working Group has been informed by stages 1 and 2 of the consultation exercise, and the revised (2005) Occupational Standards.

Consultation is via contact with a random sample of training practices (106) representing small animal and equine general practice, all course providers, VNACs and with veterinary and veterinary nursing representative organisations (BSAVA, SPVS, BEVA and BVNA). 


Accreditation and implementation

The Awarding Body plans to submit the VRQ (and NVQ) awards for accreditation in April 2006. The qualifications will go "live" from August 2006.

The RCVS is aware that this review represents a significant change to the taught syllabus, which has tended to be incrementally updated on past occasions. It is fully recognised that this change is likely to entail the review of teaching strategies and materials in preparation. In view of this, the Awarding Body will release working draft documents as soon as these have been submitted in final form to QCA. This will allow for the maximum time in preparation.

The Awarding Body also plans to hold "road show" meetings for course providers during the summer in order to introduce the new awards and discuss the delivery of the revised VN Professional Syllabus.


Your feedback

Please send your comments on the units to the consultant who is analysing this survey by 3 April 2006. Complete the feedback form.

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